Sylwia and Adrian in the hizzouse

Salut gang! La semaine passée nous avons eu la chance d’avoir Adrian parmi nous avec ses exercises de contrôle du haut du corps. My personal experience has shown me that the more body awareness and control I have, the better my lindy hop is in terms of styling, spins and aerials. A lot of the stuff Adrian showed in his warm up (done to some funk music including Sly and the Family Stone) is basic body awareness and muscular maleability that allow you to move your body in opposition – this creates great shapes and gives you so much control!

Côté application, nous avons mis les leads au défi avec une passe complexe qui utilise le principe d’opposition. Pour les filles, on a travaillé l’équilibre et le momentum dans un contexte de ‘taking charge’. This is different than backleading. Taking charge is when a follow clearly says with her movement ‘Hey, I’ve got this cool idea, so listen and go with it’ and the lead, well, the lead listens and goes with it. For leads, the going with it part is key. While follows are blithely throwing their body weight around, leads need to react to the shifts with counterbalance and, most importantly, take control at an opportune moment. Remember that the follow will not actually lead stuff! What she will do is create energy that leads can shape.


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